Red Rime Mercury Glass Candle Ornament

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Introducing our Red Rime Mercury Glass Ornament Candle, a festive and elegant addition to your Christmas decor. Encased in a captivating red mercury glass holder, this candle emanates a warm and enchanting glow that sets the perfect holiday ambiance. The fragrance is a delightful blend, with a rich base of grounding oak moss, a heart of invigorating fir needle, and a touch of warm cinnamon. The candle measures 4" in diameter, and may be used as a keepsake ornament box that can be cherished even after the candle has been burned. This candle not only infuses your space with the essence of Christmas but also makes for a thoughtful and giftable item. Illuminate your home with the festive radiance and delightful scent and capture the spirit of the season! USA Made.

SKU# VB75035