Sienna Collection

Inspired by the warmth of the Italian countryside, our Sienna collection will add a touch of old-world charm to your interiors. Here you will find time-honored motifs of sunflowers and filagree patterns touched by golden and bronze finishes.


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Mini trellis featuring classil scrollwork and a floral mediallion feature in the middle of cast-metal latticeGirasole planter trellis shown in outdoor pot outside house with lavender plant growing around it
Girasole Planter Trellis Sale price$ 59.00
In Vino Veritas Beverage TubIn Vino Veritas Beverage Tub
In Vino Veritas Beverage Tub Sale price$ 353.00
Girasole Garden TrellisGirasole Garden Trellis
Girasole Garden Trellis Sale price$ 248.00
Alloro Hose GuardAlloro Hose Guard
Alloro Hose Guard Sale price$ 40.00
Alloro Hose Holder (Stake) Alloro Hose Holder (Stake) Silhouette
Alloro Hose Holder (Stake) Sale price$ 166.00
Alloro Garden EdgingAlloro Garden Edging
Alloro Garden Edging Sale price$ 59.00
metal scroll work doorway topper, shown over front entryway Alloro Door Topper
Alloro Door Topper Sale price$ 74.00
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On Italian Time Sundial/Serving TrayOn Italian Time Sundial/Serving Tray
On Italian Time Sundial/Serving Tray Sale price$ 72.95 Regular price$ 91.00
Alloro Umbrella Surround CandleholderAlloro Umbrella Surround Candleholder
Save 30%
Pergamena Tall Oil LanternPergamena Tall Oil Lantern
Pergamena Tall Oil Lantern Sale price$ 51.95 Regular price$ 74.00
cast metal planter with horse head motifs on exterior shown in garden with potted pink hydrangea plantAlloro Horse Planter
Alloro Horse Planter Sale price$ 171.00
Palazzo LanternPalazzo Lantern Bronze
Palazzo Lantern Sale price$ 160.00
Foglia LanternFoglia Lantern
Foglia Lantern Sale price$ 198.00
Acanthus Cornice LanternAcanthus Cornice Lantern
Acanthus Cornice Lantern Sale price$ 265.00
Toscana Tall Oil Lantern Detail 2Toscana Tall Oil Lantern
Toscana Tall Oil Lantern Sale price$ 95.00
Toscana  Footed Oil LanternToscana Footed Oil Lantern Silhouette
Toscana Footed Oil Lantern Sale price$ 81.00
Girasole Garden Edginggarden edging in garden is pair
Girasole Garden Edging Sale price$ 85.00
Plum Perfection Velvety PillowPlum Perfection Velvety Pillow
hooked rug with modern blossom chaos print in rose and blackWatson the Corgi dog lays on the Rosy Romance hooked rug
Rosy Romance Hooked Rug Sale price$ 150.00
Sunny Plum Striped PIllowSunny Plum Striped PIllow
Sunny Plum Striped PIllow Sale price$ 80.00
Spiced Pumpkin Mercury Glass CandleSpiced Pumpkin Mercury Glass Candle
Hills of Sedona Framed Art Prints Set of 2Hills of Sedona Framed Art Prints Set of 2
Orange Urna Garden Seat
Orange Urna Garden Seat Sale price$ 399.00
Blossoms of Gold Framed Art Prints Set of 2Blossoms of Gold Framed Art Prints Set of 2