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Capistrano Collection

Cantando Oil Torch

Cooperation Lantern with Origami Cranes

Soaring Grace

New - Peacock Pas de Deux Wall Art

Glorious Peacocks

Fleur Solitaire Candelabra

This classically styled candelabra centerpiece, perfect for a table or mantel, glows with three 2.25" diameter candles snugly placed within glass holders.

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Ming Fretwork Lantern

It features traditional interwoven geometric motifs that create a sense of rhythm and harmony.

Ming Bamboo Lantern

With its minimalist gold bamboo design, the lantern will bring instant character and atmosphere to your home or garden.

Ming Palace Lantern

Bring an imperial touch to your home and garden.

It’s so beautiful! Can’t wait to out it outside next year… excellent quality well made


Do love this [Pesce] planter - it is cute, a good size and good quality. Several of my friends have also purchased it and we all love it.

Diane C.

I just received my Ming lantern that I ordered from your catalogue and I am over the moon happy with it. It is stunning and will find a home in both inside and outside weather permitting. Thank you, thank you.

Brenda C.

They are beautiful and better than I expected. Very happy with the courting crane couple.

Lisa J.

I just received my 'Glorious Angel Bird Feeder'. This angel is simply beautiful. I will not be setting her outside, as I am so pleased to have her as an indoor decoration.

Michele P.

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