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Hummingbird and Flowers Wall PlaqueHummingbird and Flowers Wall Plaque
Calico UrnCalico Urn
Calico Urn Sale price$ 135.00
Fiore Stella VaseFiore Stella Vase
Fiore Stella Vase Sale price$ 117.00
Seas The Day PlaqueSeas The Day Plaque
Seas The Day Plaque Sale price$ 41.00
Melone e Oro Pot has dark stamped floral motif over rose and yellow ceramic glazed regionsMelone e Oro Pot on a wood deck in garden
Melone e Oro Pot Sale price$ 64.00
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Large circular wall art made from cast metal in a motif of flowering vines and 2 sipping hummingbirdsclosup of hummingbird sipping from a blossom on a sculptural wall plaque
Hummingbird Soiree Wall Plaque Sale price$ 149.95 Regular price$ 213.00
Melone e Oro Jar is pictured on cobblestone sidewalk in the sunMelone e Oro Jar has 3 handles, and multiple regions of glaze in blue, rose, and yellow
Melone e Oro Jar Sale price$ 96.00
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Flutter and Flora Wall ArtFlutter and Flora Wall Art
Flutter and Flora Wall Art Sale price$ 128.95 Regular price$ 160.00
Wall art Votive holder cast metal sculpture of Lighthouse by the sea with 2 sail boats on the wall above a bedroom dresserWall art Votive holder cast metal sculpture of Lighthouse by the sea with 2 sail boats
Toscano JarToscano Jar
Toscano Jar Sale price$ 135.00
Cincia Wall TileCincia Wall Tile
Cincia Wall Tile Sale price$ 64.00
leaf and vine printed tall ceramic jar; gray handles and rim; deep orange-yellow glazeCachi Jar on right; Arancione Vase on Left on a garden patio.
Cachi Jar Sale price$ 135.00
Crane Duo Wall PlaqueCrane Duo Wall Plaque
Crane Duo Wall Plaque Sale price$ 128.00
Dragonfly's Dance Wall ArtDragonfly's Dance Wall Art
Dragonfly's Dance Wall Art Sale price$ 325.00
Orange-Yellow vase covered in dark leaf Mediterranean style print with two classic handles in grey that matches the rim.closeup of Arancione Vase twining leaves motif
Arancione Vase Sale price$ 64.00
Pera Pot features bright yellow ceramic glaze with dark stamped motif of flowers and vines; two faux stylized ring handlesPera Pot holding roses on a walkway near house
Pera Pot Sale price$ 38.00
Tidepool MirrorTidepool Mirror
Tidepool Mirror Sale price$ 214.00
Herons and Cattails Wall ArtHerons and Cattails Wall Art
Herons and Cattails Wall Art Sale price$ 428.00
A Swift Sip Outdoor Clock and ThermometerA Swift Sip Outdoor Clock and Thermometer
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Costazul Medium Canister 7"HCostazul Medium Canister 7"H
Costazul Medium Canister 7"H Sale price$ 8.95 Regular price$ 18.00
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Costazul Small Canister 6"HCostazul Small Canister 6"H
Costazul Small Canister 6"H Sale price$ 7.95 Regular price$ 15.00
Giallo Vase with floral stamped motif over yellow glaze; grey rim and curled handles Giallo vase holding roses on a patio
Giallo Vase Sale price$ 70.00
Save 19%
Marguerite Wall TileMarguerite Wall Tile
Marguerite Wall Tile Sale price$ 51.95 Regular price$ 64.00
Fluttering Ginkgo Wall ArtFluttering Ginkgo Wall Art
Fluttering Ginkgo Wall Art Sale price$ 135.00