Garden Trellis and Edging


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Sombra Trellis TallSombra Tall and Short Trellis displayed along a retaining wall
Sombra Trellis Tall Sale price$ 213.00
Magnolias Trellis TallMagnolias Trellis Tall
Magnolias Trellis Tall Sale price$ 203.00
Magnolias Trellis  ShortMagnolias Trellis  Short
Magnolias Trellis Short Sale price$ 189.00
Sombra Trellis ShortSombra Tall and Short Trellis displayed along a retaining wall
Sombra Trellis Short Sale price$ 181.00
Girasole Garden TrellisGirasole Garden Trellis
Girasole Garden Trellis Sale price$ 248.00
Girasole Planter TrellisGirasole Planter Trellis
Girasole Planter Trellis Sale price$ 59.00
Girasole Garden Edging
Girasole Garden Edging Sale price$ 85.00
Peacock Garden Trellis Small (Verdi)Peacock Garden Trellis Small (Verdi)
Peacock Garden Trellis Medium (Verdi)Peacock Garden Trellis Medium (Verdi)
Peacock Garden Trellis Large (Verdi)Peacock Garden Trellis Large (Verdi)
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Alloro Garden EdgingAlloro Garden Edging
Alloro Garden Edging Sale price$ 44.95 Regular price$ 59.00
Rouleau Garden Edging DetailRouleau Garden Edging
Rouleau Garden Edging Sale price$ 53.00
Fronde Garden Edging with relief style scrollworkFronde Garden Edging Silhouette
Fronde Garden Edging Sale price$ 59.00
Fleur de Lys Garden Trellisgarden trellis in bronze with fleur de Lys and scrollwork motifs
Fleur de Lys Garden Trellis Sale price$ 325.00
Nautical Knots Garden TrellisNautical Knots Garden Trellis
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Abuzz Garden edgingAbuzz Garden edging shown amongst plants
All Abuzz Garden Edging Sale price$ 62.95 Regular price$ 89.00
All Abuzz Garden TrellisAll Abuzz Garden Trellis
All Abuzz Garden Trellis Sale price$ 199.00
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La Abeille TrellisLa Abeille Trellis
La Abeille Trellis Sale price$ 93.95 Regular price$ 124.00
Brindille TrellisBrindille Trellis
Brindille Trellis Sale price$ 119.00
Anillo TrellisAnillo Trellis
Anillo Trellis Sale price$ 213.00
Clover and Thistle Garden TrellisClover and Thistle Garden Trellis
Campaña de Misión TrellisCampaña de Misión Trellis
Campaña de Misión Trellis Sale price$ 106.00
Las Aves TrellisLas Aves Trellis
Las Aves Trellis Sale price$ 119.00
Celestial Garden TrellisCelestial Garden Trellis
Celestial Garden Trellis Sale price$ 203.00