Mimosa Ridge Collection

Earthy and subdued, the Mimosa Ridge collection draws inspiration from the first stirrings of Spring, evoking a sense of renewal as nature awakens. Our imaginative pieces mirror the vibrancy of life and reflect timeless, natural elegance.


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Blue Butterfly Branches Hanging LanternBlue Butterfly Branches Hanging Lantern
red lady bug cast metal garden sculpture shown in gray rock speckled red lady bug garden sculpture
Playful Ladybug Sculpture Sale price$ 40.00
light blue snail cast metal garden sculpture set on rock light blue garden snail sculpture
Speedy the Garden Snail Sale price$ 40.00
Sarcelle ButterflySarcelle Butterfly
Sarcelle Butterfly Sale price$ 49.00
cast metal dragonfly garden sculpture shown by a floral arrangement, perched on decorative logtop view of the blue and green finish on a cast metal dragonfly garden sculpture
Sarcelle Dragonfly Sale price$ 48.00
cast metal garden sculpture of grasshopper, shown in flower gardencast metal garden sculpture of grasshopper,  shows hues of soft blue and sage green
Sarcelle Grasshopper Sale price$ 56.00
Sculpted metal wasp in soft shades of blue and sage green shown on a rock in a fern gardenSculpted metal wasp in soft shades of blue and sage green, top view
Sarcelle Wasp Sale price$ 53.00
Sarcelle Praying MantisSarcelle Praying Mantis
Sarcelle Praying Mantis Sale price$ 52.00
cast aluminum metal arched garden trellis, with golden dragonfly and iris designs. Planter placed in pot with green trailing plant. detailed view of garden trellis, with white and gold iris flower details and golden dragonflies
cast metal arched garden trellis with panels and iris and colorful butterflies fluttering about detailed view of floral and butterfly motifs on trellis. One yellow and back winged butterfly and light purple and yellow winged butterfly
Cast metal planter trellis with lilies and hummingbird motifs and circle detail in the center. Trellis placed in garden bed besides outdoor wall detailed view of circle on trellis with bronze and pink lilies and hummingbird imagery
Encircled Sip Garden Trellis Sale price$ 118.00
Metal dragonfly and lily welcome home sign, staged against flower bed Metal dragonfly and lily welcome home sign
Dragonfly and Iris Metal planter trellis set in garden scene Dragonfly and Iris Metal planter trellis, white and gold highlights
brown and golden snail pillow with embroidery close up of snail pillow, snail antlers accented with two golden pomp pomps
At a Snail's Pace Pillow Sale price$ 59.00
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cast metal bluebirds seated on whimsical branch of leaves and flowers. Staked windchime detail view of two cast metal bluebirds perched on branch with leaves and flowers
Bluebirds Staked Wind Art Sale price$ 99.00
Hooked pillow with a sweet bee resting on a purple flowerDetailed view of hooked pillow texture, highlighting the dimensional purple tones of the flower
Round bee and purple flower rug with small purple flowers surrounding center beeHoney Bee Mine hooked rug and pillow shown on floor in a room
Coordinating bees and flower tea towels with honey and buzzing bees  on counter with flour, cookies, and honey bowlCoordinating bees and flower tea towels with honey and buzzing bees
Dragonfly's Dance Hanging PlanterDragonfly's Dance Hanging Planter
On Dragonfly's Pond Drink TableOn Dragonfly's Pond Drink Table
Blue Butterfly Candleholder / Plant HolderBlue Butterfly Candleholder / Plant Holder
Butterfly Burst Sculpture (Antique Brass Finish)Butterfly Burst Sculpture (Antique Brass Finish)
Blue Butterfly Burst Accent TableBlue Butterfly Burst Accent Table
Butterfly Burst Sculpture (Blue Finish)Butterfly Burst Sculpture (Blue Finish)