Large Cooperation Garden Lantern with Origami Cranes

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Bring the tranquility of origami cranes to your garden with this stunning Large Cooperation Garden Lantern- and make it a sight to behold. Brighten your yard with this unique and beautiful sculpture that comes with two hanging accessory options: a lantern or wind art.  This is a larger variation of our most popular sculpture, inspired by the legend, as told below!

Cast Aluminum & Iron, 35"H 10"W 17"D
Wind art uses nylon string

SKU# VB35277

The Story of the Crane and Turtle
According to legend, flood covered the lands in a remote Asian village.  A crane flying with no place to rest and ready to collapse spotted a turtle surfacing from the water.  Offering the crane a place to rest until the flood waters receded, the turtle saved his life. Years later, during a severe drought, the crane returned the favor by flying the turtle to the nearest water.

Our Cooperation Garden Lantern & Sculpture represents friendship and cooperation.  One of many fine garden sculptures sure to lend grace to your home.