Vuelo de Belleza Art Pledge Pot

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Our Pledge Pot, otherwise known as wedding jars in various cultures, is a very symbolic design and can make an ideal gift. The two necks reflect two people or groups who are joined or bonded together, via the handle, in friendship, partnership, matrimony, etc. - you assign the ultimate meaning This design is covered in a nature motif with hummingbirds and butterflies on a blue gray background, done sgraffito style, etching the designs into the glazed surface then waxed to a smooth finish. Measures 8”H 7”W 5.5”D. Low-fired and absorbs water, so better for use with dried and artificial flowers. Intended for indoor use.

Each piece of pottery is crafted individually by hand resulting in minor variation in color, texture, and shape. Each piece will be unique. Photos shown are a representation of form and style, and may not be an exact reproduction of the product you receive. Designs vary by artist but echo the same beautiful theme and feel.

We are proud to offer some of the world’s most distinctive pottery, created in San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua, a small village nestled among volcanos, alongside a picturesque lagoon. In a typical village scene you are likely to see ox carts delivering clay and other materials to the various workshops. The clay is “thrown” on a kick wheel to form the shape. Afterward, they are painted using mineral oxides and then meticulously carved, sgraffito style, using home made tools typically fashioned from the spokes of a bicycle wheel. Once the decorative incisions are complete, the pot is baked in a wood-burning kiln, constructed from adobe bricks in a traditional bee hive configuration, where it is finally removed and polished. Each purchase helps grow the prosperity of artists and is fair trade.

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