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Heron Harmony Hose HolderHeron Harmony Hose Holder
Heron Harmony Hose Holder Sale price$ 98.00
Hummingbird and Blossoms Hose HolderHummingbird and Blossoms Hose Holder
Brindille Staked Hose HolderBrindille Staked Hose Holder
Brindille Staked Hose Holder Sale price$ 198.00
Fontaine hoseholder with scrollwork accents has a hose coiled around it and mounted to a walla wall-mounted hose holder featuring cast metal scrollwork
Fontaine Hose Holder Sale price$ 152.00
Save 19%
Rouleau Hose Holder SilhouetteRouleau Hose Holder mounted to a wall in a garden near a table. It holds a green hose
Rouleau Hose Holder Sale price$ 68.95 Regular price$ 85.00
Under The Sea Hose HolderUnder The Sea Hose Holder mounted on a wall and holding a green hose
Under The Sea Hose Holder Sale price$ 118.00
Alloro Hose Holder (Stake) Alloro Hose Holder (Stake) Silhouette
Alloro Hose Holder (Stake) Sale price$ 166.00
Save 17%
Papillion Hose Holder holding a green hose on a wall in the gardenPapillion Hose Holder Silhouette
Papillon Hose Holder Sale price$ 74.00 Regular price$ 89.00
Save 10%
Bird Hose Guard BundleBird Hose Guard Bundle
Bird Hose Guard Bundle Sale price$ 108.00 Regular price$ 120.00