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Behind the Scenes of the Riviera Photo Shoot

Now that our Riviera Collection is up on the website, we thought it would be fun to share some behind the scenes images.

Photo shoots sound glamourous, but actually are far from it.   Lots of hard work is involved to plan and coordinate.  Not only are we aiming to replicate how these items would look in your home; we also need to convey the beauty of our Viridian Bay products in a single shot.

Campania Side Table and Carreaux Pillow

Since the inspiration for the Riviera Collection was the Mediterranean Coast, we picked a home in Napa, California for the location.   Lucky for us our company is based nearby in San Francisco!  The home was truly beautiful, with tons of windows and doors that opened up overlooking the rolling vineyards, and a lovely deck with an infinity pool. 

 Prato Pot

Our photo shoot crew and VB staff worked weeks in advance to make sure all the product was here, making list after list of required props, and also a master shot list by item number.   All to make sure each item in the collection was photographed in the best manner!

Then the work began!

Riviera Vase & Wine Cooler

Over the better part of a week we unpacked, repacked, cleaned, propped, moved furniture, set up lights, and stood completely still when the final shot happened!  You may not know that if you happen to move around during a shoot, you totally interfere with the lighting!  

For every final shot, there were multiple shots to test perspective, layout, correct lighting, shadows, and eliminate glares and hot spots.   And while one shot was set up and being finalized, we were preparing another area of the home for the next shot.

Riviera Collection

Riviera Cake Stand

We are extremely pleased with the end product, and feel that the essence of the Riviera collection comes through in the images.   Hopefully you will agree and be happy with your purchases!

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