Root Candle 3 x 9" Pillar Candle, Ivory

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Single 3" x 9" Wax Pillar Candle in Ivory. Lightly Textured.

Capturing the bold spirit of the great outdoors, these best-selling candles add a scenic style to any decor. Each Timberline™ Pillar is adorned with an artistic canopy of tree-like branches on top combined with the smooth weathered bark on the candle's trunk.

Our beeswax enriched Root Candles Timberline™ Pillars burn an impressive 17 hours per inch. For best results, burn Timberline™ Pillar candles for a minimum of 6 hours on initial lighting to avoid tunneling.

For over 150 years, Root Candles has crafted candles of uncompromising quality in Medina, Ohio prompted by Amos Ives Root’s passion for bees, beekeeping, and honey. Today, Root Candles still relies on the purity and naturalness of beeswax and bees that inspired Amos Ives Root all those years ago. Root Candles remains true to its past by focusing on what we know best – beeswax. Our candles are made with an all-natural beeswax blend. We use 100% natural fiber wicks that we braid on-site ourselves. A Root candle is clean burning, long lasting, elegantly designed, and luxurious.

Made in the USA

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