Fontaine Collection

Elegant and timeless, the Fontaine Collection looks good in any setting. Its neutral tones and beautiful scrolling designs are classic and enduring. Fontaine offers a traditional aesthetic that beautifies your home and garden.



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Manor Fontaine Garden TrellisManor Fontaine Garden Trellis
Manor Fontaine Garden Trellis 促销价格$ 248.00
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Scorrere Umbrella Surround CandleholderScorrere Umbrella Surround Candleholder
Scorrere Umbrella Surround Candleholder 促销价格$ 115.95 原价$ 165.00
Fleur de Lys Herb Pots with BaseFleur de Lys Herb Pots with Base
节省 19%
Rouleau Hose Holder SilhouetteRouleau Hose Holder mounted to a wall in a garden near a table. It holds a green hose
Rouleau Hose Holder 促销价格$ 68.95 原价$ 85.00
Fontaine hoseholder with scrollwork accents has a hose coiled around it and mounted to a walla wall-mounted hose holder featuring cast metal scrollwork
Fontaine Hose Holder 促销价格$ 152.00
Fontaine Votive CandleholderFontaine Votive Candleholder
Fontaine Votive Candleholder 促销价格$ 117.00
Rouleau Votive Lantern shown outside on a patio Rouleau Votive Lantern
Rouleau Votive Lantern 促销价格$ 149.00
Rouleau Table LanternRouleau Table Lantern Silhouette
Rouleau Table Lantern 促销价格$ 53.00
Rouleau Six Pane Lantern on home staircaseRouleau Six Pane Lantern
Rouleau Six Pane Lantern 促销价格$ 160.00
节省 30%
Scorrere TorchScorrere Torch
Scorrere Torch 促销价格$ 63.95 原价$ 91.00
节省 30%
Remolino Oil LanternRemolino Oil Lantern
Remolino Oil Lantern 促销价格$ 51.95 原价$ 74.00
Fleur de Lys WindchimeFleur de Lys Windchime
Fleur de Lys Windchime 促销价格$ 54.00
Encircled Wind Bells with Fleur de LysEncircled Wind Bells with Fleur de Lys
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Stylized Fleur de Lys Fireplace Candelabra ZincStylized Fleur de Lys Fireplace Candelabra Bronze
Lady Justice SculptureLady Justice Sculpture
Lady Justice Sculpture 促销价格$ 235.00
节省 50%
Celestial Wonder Armillary CandleholderCelestial Wonder Armillary Candleholder
Celestial Wonder Armillary Candleholder 促销价格$ 58.95 原价$ 117.00
节省 30%
Fontaine BookendsFontaine Bookends
Fontaine Bookends 促销价格$ 56.95 原价$ 81.00
节省 25%
Fleur de Lys Magnifying CandleholderFleur de Lys Magnifying Candleholder
Fleur de Lys Magnifying Candleholder 促销价格$ 63.95 原价$ 85.00
Fontaine Hanging LanternFontaine Hanging Lantern
Fontaine Hanging Lantern 促销价格$ 108.00
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Delft Floral Worn Ceramic Hanging PlanterDelft Floral Worn Ceramic Hanging Planter
Jacobean Floral PillowJacobean Floral Pillow
Jacobean Floral Pillow 促销价格$ 99.00
Carnival of Flowers Set of Two PillowsCarnival of Flowers Set of Two Pillows
3 garden trellis against garden wall in bronze with fleur de Lys and scrollwork motifsgarden trellis in bronze with fleur de Lys and scrollwork motifs
Fleur de Lys Garden Trellis 促销价格$ 325.00
节省 20%
Belrose Cheeseboard with KnifeBelrose Cheeseboard with Knife Silhouette
Belrose Cheeseboard with Knife 促销价格$ 84.95 原价$ 106.00