Buttercup Chain Wind Art

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Pretty blossom and leaf pendants for your outdoor space.
Please note that due to its material and design, our wind art may not produce a loud sound even in windy conditions. Instead, it offers a unique and understated charm that complements the natural elements of your outdoor environment.

Hand cast aluminum, bronze finish, 22.5" H 2.5"W 1.5 D
Height excludes top string length.

SKU# VB34442

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Customer Reviews

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Laurie Watson
Too heavy

This is not a wind chime; the material used for the bells and leaves is so heavy it wouldn't blow around in a hurricane. Poorly designed. I am very disappointed as I have been interested in this item for quite some time.

As part of our commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction, we would like to remind you of our 60-day return policy. While we do appreciate your feedback and understand your decision to keep the item, we want to assure you that returning it is an option if you change your mind in the future.