Riviera Collection

Inspired by the coastal style of the Riviera, this collection features Mediterranean hues of deep azure blue and warm citrus. Traditional European style blends with ocean inspired motifs to give Riviera its unique character. Riviera is elegant, yet as colorful as a day spent in the Côte d'Azur.



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Amphora Art Framed Print Set of 2Amphora Art Framed Print Set of 2
Amphora Art Framed Print Set of 2 促销价格$ 79.00 原价$ 115.00
节省 17%
Lapin Noir Framed PirntLapin Noir Framed Pirnt
Lapin Noir Framed Pirnt 促销价格$ 35.00 原价$ 42.00
Pesce PlanterPesce Planter
Pesce Planter 促销价格$ 74.00
节省 30%
Fiore Stella VaseFiore Stella Vase
Fiore Stella Vase 促销价格$ 81.95 原价$ 117.00
节省 30%
Toscano JarToscano Jar
Toscano Jar 促销价格$ 94.95 原价$ 135.00
Calico UrnCalico Urn
Calico Urn 促销价格$ 135.00
Citron Arbre Wind ArtCitron Arbre Wind Art
Citron Arbre Wind Art 促销价格$ 42.00
节省 50%
Costazul Bowl 10"Costazul Bowl 10"
Costazul Bowl 10" 促销价格$ 10.95 原价$ 22.00
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Costazul Four Piece Server SetCostazul Four Piece Server Set
Costazul Four Piece Server Set 促销价格$ 17.95 原价$ 36.00
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Costazul Medium Canister 7"HCostazul Medium Canister 7"H
Costazul Medium Canister 7"H 促销价格$ 8.95 原价$ 18.00
节省 47%
Costazul Small Canister 6"HCostazul Small Canister 6"H
Costazul Small Canister 6"H 促销价格$ 7.95 原价$ 15.00
节省 50%
Costazul Crudite SetCostazul Crudite Set
Costazul Crudite Set 促销价格$ 11.95 原价$ 24.00
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Costazul Large Canister 9"HCostazul Large Canister 9"H
Costazul Large Canister 9"H 促销价格$ 9.95 原价$ 20.00
Last Chance 节省 65%
Azure Rocks Glass, Set of 6Azure Rocks Glass, Set of 6
Azure Rocks Glass, Set of 6 促销价格$ 12.99 原价$ 37.50
Blooms & Quince Berries Lidded CandleBlooms & Quince Berries Lidded Candle
节省 50%
Costazul TeapotCostazul Teapot
Costazul Teapot 促销价格$ 5.95 原价$ 12.00
Piastrelle Console TablePiastrelle Console Table
Piastrelle Console Table 促销价格$ 495.00
节省 50%
Costazul Oil and Vinegar SetCostazul Oil and Vinegar Set
Costazul Oil and Vinegar Set 促销价格$ 7.95 原价$ 16.00
Piastrelle Accent TablePiastrelle Accent Table
Piastrelle Accent Table 促销价格$ 295.00
Moroccan Style TableMoroccan Trellis Accent Table
Moroccan Trellis Accent Table 促销价格$ 588.00
Last Chance 节省 72%
Cobalt Blue Cocktail Glasses
Melone e Oro Pot has dark stamped floral motif over rose and yellow ceramic glazed regionsMelone e Oro Pot on a wood deck in garden
Melone e Oro Pot 促销价格$ 64.00
节省 19%
Orange-Yellow vase covered in dark leaf Mediterranean style print with two classic handles in grey that matches the rim.closeup of Arancione Vase twining leaves motif
Arancione Vase 促销价格$ 51.95 原价$ 64.00
节省 19%
Giallo Vase with floral stamped motif over yellow glaze; grey rim and curled handles Giallo vase holding roses on a patio
Giallo Vase 促销价格$ 56.95 原价$ 70.00