Pacifica Collection

Immerse your living spaces in the coastal allure of the Pacifica Collection, meticulously curated to embody the serenity of seaside environments. Discover the aesthetic charm of coastal living through our lanterns, accent tables, and coastal sculptures.



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Mermaid Décor BundleMermaid Décor Bundle
Mermaid Décor Bundle 促销价格$ 159.30 原价$ 177.00
En Vogue Vases DisplayEn Vogue Vases Display
En Vogue Vases Display 促销价格$ 69.00
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Aqua Geo Harmony Art VaseAqua Geo Harmony Art Vase
Aqua Geo Harmony Art Vase 促销价格$ 175.00
Sirena Mermaid BirdfeederSirena Mermaid Birdfeeder
Sirena Mermaid Birdfeeder 促销价格$ 195.00
High Tides Accent TableHigh Tides Accent Table
High Tides Accent Table 促销价格$ 358.00
Under the Sea Wall MirrorUnder the Sea Wall Mirror
Under the Sea Wall Mirror 促销价格$ 158.00
High Tides Garden StoolHigh Tides Garden Stool
High Tides Garden Stool 促销价格$ 265.00
La Sirena Double PlanterLa Sirena Double Planter
La Sirena Double Planter 促销价格$ 495.00
Octavius and the Sea Garden StoolOctavius and the Sea Garden Stool
Peacock de la PlayaPeacock de la Playa
Peacock de la Playa 促销价格$ 165.00
Tentacles and Claws Outdoor Clock and ThermometerTentacles and Claws Outdoor Clock and Thermometer
Bronze and verdi cast metal sculpture of a mermaid encountering a dolphin on the perimeter of a pond Bronze and verdi cast metal sculpture of a mermaid encountering a dolphin
Sea Ranch LanternSea Ranch Lantern
Sea Ranch Lantern 促销价格$ 165.00
Sailboat Tealight HolderSailboat Tealight Holder
Sailboat Tealight Holder 促销价格$ 139.00
Lighthouse LanternLighthouse Lantern
Lighthouse Lantern 促销价格$ 220.00
Pastel Coral Sunset  Embroidered Lumbar PillowPastel Coral Sunset  Embroidered Lumbar Pillow
Shallow Waters Coral Embellished PillowShallow Waters Coral Embellished Pillow
Octavius Embroidered PillowOctavius Embroidered Pillow
Octavius Embroidered Pillow 促销价格$ 59.00
Striped Sea PillowStriped Sea Pillow
Striped Sea Pillow 促销价格$ 59.00
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Diving Fish CandleholderDiving Fish Candleholder
Diving Fish Candleholder 促销价格$ 42.95 原价$ 53.00
Pesce PlanterPesce Planter
Pesce Planter 促销价格$ 74.00
Under The Sea Garden StoolUnder the Sea Stool in White
Under The Sea Garden Stool 促销价格$ 235.00
Delectable Fish ServerGolden fish sculpture is hollow with amber glass tray topper
Delectable Fish Server 促销价格$ 95.00
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Down the Hatch Pelican SculptureDown the Hatch Pelican Sculpture