Three ways to Style your Pillows

Today we're sharing general tips for styling your pillows as well as inspiration for three different ways to style them.

A few tips to keep in mind...

1. Have a theme. It helps to have a theme in mind when you're picking out pillows for your couch or bed. Do you want the overall feel to be warm and cozy? Or bright and poppy to welcome spring? Keeping a theme in mind and carrying it throughout your pillow choices will help keep the look consistent and achieve the end result you're looking for.

2. Carry colors throughout. While you don't have to match all of your pillows, it helps to have one or two colors that show up in several of the pieces for continuity. 

3. Have a few neutrals that you can use all year round. You can always use neutral pillows, and change out a few statement pieces or colorful ones to add to the mood you're going for.

4. Play with textures. Another way to add variety to your couch or bed is to play with textures. Big and fluffy, small and woven, or large and tasseled pillows all add interest and catch the eye. 

Three inspiration sets...

1. By the river. Deep blues, mustard yellows, and soft greys reminded us of the sun setting over a quaint river and smooth rocks beneath the water. We used these colors mixed with shag and raised textures to conjure up the feeling of an eclectic lodge by the river. 

Lodge Faux Fur Pillow // Blue Lagoon Shag Pillow // Rouleau Beaded Lumbar Pillow // Shoes Pillow // Marigold Pillow

2. Fall. We picked pillows with oranges and reds paired with black and gold and included textures that reminded us of fall, and the anticipation of winter. 

Woven Pom Pillow // Feathers Pillow // Toscana Lumbar Pillow // Sunset Shag Pillow // Lustro Beaded Lumbar Pillow

3. Beachy. We chose neutrals and soft blues and mixed woven and sparkly textures to remind us of an oceanic breeze.

Textured Sea Pillow // Rouleau Beaded Lumbar Pillow // Sands Lumbar Pillow // Lodge Faux Fur Pillow



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