Summer's Last Hurrah: Ice Cream Sundae Bar

While today is technically the first day of fall, we're still enjoying the last bit of warmer weather over here in the Bay Area. Before we start consuming all things pumpkin, we hope you'll take advantage of the few weeks of warm weather we have left too, and give summer one last hurrah! How you choose to do so is up to you. Whether it's a dip in the pool this weekend, a trip to the beach, or an al fresco get-together in your own backyard, there are plenty of ways to squeeze a little more summer out of this season. We're doing so with an ice cream sundae bar!

Ice cream sundae bars are easy to put together (you literally don't have to actually make anything!), but so very fun to host. Delight your guests with this sweet treat that they can customize to their heart's desire. You'll want to have a few different ice cream flavors available, as well as plenty of toppings to choose from. Or, ask each guest to bring one of their own favorite toppings or ice creams to share with the group. Our Pacifica Collection has the perfect pieces for displaying your ice cream sundae bar. 

Pacifica Serving Tray // Pacifica Condiment Server // Pacifica Serving Bowl // Pacifica Glass Bowl Server



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