Garden Tea Party

The first day of spring is just around the corner, and we can't wait to enjoy gardens, parks and more outdoor time. Today we're sharing some inspiration for a garden tea party. We set the scene with pieces from our Mimosa Ridge Collection, as the birds and leaves fit right into our garden tablescape. This set up would be lovely for a bridal or baby shower. Whether a formal occasion or a casual get together, we'll take any excuse to relax in a pretty garden, enjoy scones and baked goods, and sip tea with friends.

Damask Lace Dessert Plates

Madeira Cheeseboard

Madeira Sugar and Creamer Set

Spring Scroll Napkin // Madeira Napkin Rings

Madeira Cake Stand

Brindille Planter Votive Holder // Madeira Serving Tray

(Brindille Planter Votive Holder should be placed inside a planter for stability, or be securely stabilized prior to use)

Damask Lace Tea Cup and Saucer




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