Introducing Viridian Bay

Thank you for stopping by! We are delighted to welcome you to Viridian Bay, a home and garden décor company based in the sunny San Francisco Bay Area. We offer beautiful handcrafted décor, designed by our own in house artisans. Our company has over four decades of experience creating elegant accessories for the home, and we are pleased to share our products with you. We hope they'll help you make a statement in your home, both indoors and out. 

Along with the launch of Viridian Bay and our new products, we're also thrilled to share on-going inspiration with you through our blog, Viridian Bay Lifestyle. Here, you'll find behind-the-scenes stories, inspirational décor ideas, designer interviews, entertaining tips, and some of our favorite recipes. The possibilities are endless, and we can't wait to start sharing the tips and touches that make all the difference, especially when it comes to your home. Feel free to drop us a line at We'd be happy to hear any suggestions you have for future blog post topics—or even products and collections you'd love to see! We can't wait to hear from you. 

Entertaining with some of our products? Tag us in your posts on Instagram @ViridianBay. We'd love to see how your expression becomes an impression in your own home. Cheers!



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