Sienna Collection

Inspired by the warmth of the Italian countryside, our Sienna collection will add a touch of old-world charm to your interiors. Here you will find time-honored motifs of sunflowers and filagree patterns touched by golden and bronze finishes.


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Mini trellis featuring classil scrollwork and a floral mediallion feature in the middle of cast-metal latticeGirasole planter trellis shown in outdoor pot outside house with lavender plant growing around it
Girasole Planter Trellis Precio de oferta$ 59.00
In Vino Veritas Beverage TubIn Vino Veritas Beverage Tub
In Vino Veritas Beverage Tub Precio de oferta$ 353.00
Girasole Garden TrellisGirasole Garden Trellis
Girasole Garden Trellis Precio de oferta$ 248.00
Alloro Hose GuardAlloro Hose Guard
Alloro Hose Guard Precio de oferta$ 40.00
Alloro Hose Holder (Stake) Alloro Hose Holder (Stake) Silhouette
Alloro Hose Holder (Stake) Precio de oferta$ 166.00
Alloro Garden EdgingAlloro Garden Edging
Alloro Garden Edging Precio de oferta$ 59.00
metal scroll work doorway topper, shown over front entryway Alloro Door Topper
Alloro Door Topper Precio de oferta$ 74.00
Ahorra 20%
On Italian Time Sundial/Serving TrayOn Italian Time Sundial/Serving Tray
On Italian Time Sundial/Serving Tray Precio de oferta$ 72.95 Precio normal$ 91.00
Alloro Umbrella Surround CandleholderAlloro Umbrella Surround Candleholder
Alloro Umbrella Surround Candleholder Precio de oferta$ 170.00
Ahorra 30%
Pergamena Tall Oil LanternPergamena Tall Oil Lantern
Pergamena Tall Oil Lantern Precio de oferta$ 51.95 Precio normal$ 74.00
cast metal planter with horse head motifs on exterior shown in garden with potted pink hydrangea plantAlloro Horse Planter
Alloro Horse Planter Precio de oferta$ 171.00
Palazzo LanternPalazzo Lantern Bronze
Palazzo Lantern Precio de oferta$ 160.00
Foglia LanternFoglia Lantern
Foglia Lantern Precio de oferta$ 198.00
Acanthus Cornice LanternAcanthus Cornice Lantern
Acanthus Cornice Lantern Precio de oferta$ 265.00
Toscana Tall Oil Lantern Detail 2Toscana Tall Oil Lantern
Toscana Tall Oil Lantern Precio de oferta$ 95.00
Toscana  Footed Oil LanternToscana Footed Oil Lantern Silhouette
Toscana Footed Oil Lantern Precio de oferta$ 81.00
Girasole Garden Edginggarden edging in garden is pair
Girasole Garden Edging Precio de oferta$ 85.00
Plum Perfection Velvety PillowPlum Perfection Velvety Pillow
Plum Perfection Velvety Pillow Precio de oferta$ 65.00
hooked rug with modern blossom chaos print in rose and blackWatson the Corgi dog lays on the Rosy Romance hooked rug
Rosy Romance Hooked Rug Precio de oferta$ 150.00
Sunny Plum Striped PIllowSunny Plum Striped PIllow
Sunny Plum Striped PIllow Precio de oferta$ 80.00
Spiced Pumpkin Mercury Glass CandleSpiced Pumpkin Mercury Glass Candle
Spiced Pumpkin Mercury Glass Candle Precio de oferta$ 35.00
Hills of Sedona Framed Art Prints Set of 2Hills of Sedona Framed Art Prints Set of 2
Orange Urna Garden Seat
Orange Urna Garden Seat Precio de oferta$ 399.00
Only a Few LeftAhorra 49%
Diamanti in Oro Pillow
Diamanti in Oro Pillow Precio de oferta$ 32.95 Precio normal$ 65.00