Aspen Collection

Reminiscent of a warm cozy cabin or a smoky evening, camping by a beautiful lake, the Aspen Collection evokes the beauty of nature and the great outdoors. Perfect for a backyard gathering, decorating the home, or just creating a momentary escape, this collection will have you dreaming of pine trees and log fires.


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Winter's Blessing FawnWinter's Blessing Fawn
Winter's Blessing Fawn Precio de oferta$ 96.00
Bounding Bear Garden LanternBounding Bear Garden Lantern
Bounding Bear Garden Lantern Precio de oferta$ 155.00
Pathfinder Deer LanternPathfinder Deer Lantern
Pathfinder Deer Lantern Precio de oferta$ 348.00
Mountain King Garden SculptureMountain King Garden Sculpture
Mountain King Garden Sculpture Precio de oferta$ 209.00
Demure Doe Garden SculptureDemure Doe Garden Sculpture
Demure Doe Garden Sculpture Precio de oferta$ 139.00
Frolicking Fawn SculptureFrolicking Fawn Sculpture
Frolicking Fawn Sculpture Precio de oferta$ 96.00
A sculpture of a bunny, fox, & owl cozy up together on a friendly deerWoodland Joyride Garden Sculpture
Woodland Joyride Garden Sculpture Precio de oferta$ 246.00
Two sculpted deer, one seated, hold a pillar candle in glass between antlersclose-up of deer candleholders
Trailing Pines Trellis on a grassy embankment by a river with a gooseTrailing Pine Trellis
Trailing Pine Trellis Precio de oferta$ 165.00
Graceful Antlers Jewelry HolderGraceful Antlers Jewelry Holder
Graceful Antlers Jewelry Holder Precio de oferta$ 160.00
Graceful Antlers Vanity MirrorGraceful Antlers Vaniety Mirror
Graceful Antlers Vanity Mirror Precio de oferta$ 139.00
Aspen Bear Vase HolderAspen Bear Vase Holder
Aspen Bear Vase Holder Precio de oferta$ 102.00
Welcoming Bear DoorknockerWelcoming Bear Doorknocker
Welcoming Bear Doorknocker Precio de oferta$ 124.00
Acorn DoorknockerAcorn Doorknocker
Acorn Doorknocker Precio de oferta$ 65.00
On the Lake Framed Art Prints Set of 2On the Lake Framed Art Prints Set of 2
Pals Framed Art Prints Set of 2Pals Framed Art Prints Set of 2
Pals Framed Art Prints Set of 2 Precio de oferta$ 160.00
Ahorra 29%
White ceramic serving bowl is supported by a bear climbing on decorative pine branchesAspen Bear Serving Bowl
Aspen Bear Serving Bowl Precio de oferta$ 74.95 Precio normal$ 106.00
Ahorra 49%
Aspen condiment serverAspen Condiment Server
Aspen Condiment Server Precio de oferta$ 29.95 Precio normal$ 59.00
Noble Steed BookendsNoble Steed Bookends
Noble Steed Bookends Precio de oferta$ 106.00
Woodland Prince Clock and ThermometerWoodland Prince Clock and Thermometer
Woodland Prince Clock and Thermometer Precio de oferta$ 105.00
Aspen TorchTwo Aspen Torch shown lit at night
Aspen Torch Precio de oferta$ 108.00
decorative metal birdhouse on a stake in a garden settingdecorative metal birdhouse on a stake
Bird Country House on Tall Stake Precio de oferta$ 110.00
Bird Chateau on Tall StakeBird Chateau on Tall Stake
Bird Chateau on Tall Stake Precio de oferta$ 110.00
Cast Iron bear holding a bell sculpture set on book in table sceneCast iron brown bear standing on hind legs  holding bell on white background
Eager Bear Table Bell Precio de oferta$ 99.00