Six Essentials for your Wedding Dessert Bar

Having a dessert bar at your wedding is a fun, sweet treat for your guests that adds a special touch. When you have a variety of desserts at your wedding, you're making sure there's something for each guest—including your gluten-free friend and your lactose-intolerant cousin. And if your Aunt is insistent that she help with something for the wedding, have her whip up her famous chocolate chip cookies for the dessert bar. Everyone loves a homemade treat! 

Of course, you'll want to display your variety of desserts in a way that's pretty, cohesive, and functional. A dessert bar set up with different stands from one collection is a great way to do this. If you're planning your own wedding (or maybe planning a shower for the bride-to-be) we hope you'll find some inspiration in this decadent dessert bar scene.

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Belrose Placecard Holder



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