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Hummingbird and Flowers Wall PlaqueHummingbird and Flowers Wall Plaque
Large circular wall art made from cast metal in a motif of flowering vines and 2 sipping hummingbirdsclosup of hummingbird sipping from a blossom on a sculptural wall plaque
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Madeira Plate StandMadeira Plate Stand
Madeira Plate Stand Sale price$ 68.95 Regular price$ 99.00
Jardin Outdoor Clock and ThermometerJardin Outdoor Clock and Thermometer
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Tropical Toucan WindchimeTropical Toucan Windchime
Tropical Toucan Windchime Sale price$ 39.75 Regular price$ 53.00
Sculptural rain catcher shaped like a Small parrot sitting on 3 tropical leavesclose up view of rain catcher sculpture - features a parrot
La Palma Rain Catcher Sale price$ 59.00
Courting Crane CoupleCourting Crane Couple
Courting Crane Couple Sale price$ 209.00
Pretty as a Peacock StatueClose up view of Pretty as a Peacock statue
Pretty as a Peacock Statue Sale price$ 149.00
Polished Peacock Bird BathPolished Peacock Bird Bath
Polished Peacock Bird Bath Sale price$ 375.00
hanging tea light holder, sculpture of birds on a branch with interlocking twigs to form a tealight cagehanging tea light holder, sculpture of birds on a branch with Side view of interlocking twigs to form a tealight cage
Brindille Tealight CandelabraBrindille Tealight Candelabra
Brindille Votive Wall CandleholderBrindille Votive Wall Candleholder
Brindille Tealight HolderBrindille Tealight Holder
Brindille Tealight Holder Sale price$ 59.00
Brindille Jewelry HolderBrindille Jewelry Holder
Brindille Jewelry Holder Sale price$ 135.00
Ibis Couple CandleholderIbis Couple Candleholder
Ibis Couple Candleholder Sale price$ 74.00
Songbird Romance Staked Rain CatcherSongbird Romance Staked Rain Catcher
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Crane Birdbath
Crane Birdbath Sale price$ 286.00
Prancing Bird Hose GuardPrancing Bird Hose Guard Silhouette
Prancing Bird Hose Guard Sale price$ 40.00
4 sculpted swallows hold 3 mini bird cage lanternsVuelo de Las Aves Lanterns
Vuelo de Las Aves Lanterns Sale price$ 185.00
Crane Romantica SculptureCrane Romantica Sculpture
Crane Romantica Sculpture Sale price$ 248.00
Pajaro Bell (Set of 2)Pajaro Bell (Set of 2)
Pajaro Bell (Set of 2) Sale price$ 53.00
Tropical Flamingo PairTropical Flamingo Pair
Tropical Flamingo Pair Sale price$ 106.00
Bird's Nest Staked Planter & CandleholderBird's Nest Staked Planter & Candleholder
Proud Bird Hose GuardProud Bird Hose Guard Silhouette
Proud Bird Hose Guard Sale price$ 40.00